Our vostokamphibia.com store is in the watch market for more than 5 years. Starting with Russia, we have expanded the geography of our buyers. Watches, presented in our assortment, are very popular in Europe, Asia, Middle East and, of course, overseas.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Most VOSTOKAMPHIBIA.COM sales go smoothly, but if there’s a problem with a purchase, the VOSTOKAMPHIBIA Money Back Guarantee ensures that buyers receive the item they ordered or get their money back.

Buyers can use the VOSTOKAMPHIBIA Money Back Guarantee when:

  1. They don’t receive an item
  2. They receive an item that doesn’t match the listing description
Like any mechanical watches, Vostok require careful attitude. You should not throw, drop, shake, overheat, undercool or expose them to strong electromagnetic fields.

Amphibia are reliable watches and you may hear lots of stories about their survival in extreme conditions!

Always firmly tighten the screw crown after setting time! Moisture in the mechanism – perhaps the worst of the troubles that may occur with the watch.

The main reason of “fogging” or appearing of droplets on the glass is not firmly tighten screw crown. It is not a coincidence that all Amphibia watches, like most diving watches, have a self-winding function to avoid frequent loosening of a screw crown.

Under the ideal conditions, all that your watch requires is a preventive maintenance at the watchmaker’s once in 3-4 years. During this procedure the watch is fully disassembled: details are washed and, if necessary, repaired or replaced. The watch is assembled with new oil and sealing gaskets.