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  1. Vostok Amphibia 090916 mod with stainless steel polished shark teeth bezel , ceramic insert, stainless steel crown and rubber OSC 22mm strap. (by arvac)090916by_Arvac.a.4-3.1080p
  1. Vostok Amphibia 090380 mod with stainless steel “atlas” rotating bezel, Orange Planet Ocean style insert , silver sec hand Zulu OSC 22mm strap. (by arvac)090380by_Arvac.b.4-3.1080p
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  1. Vostok Amphibia 150 SE mod with stainless steel polished shark teeth bezel , ceramic GMT insert and Nato Zuludiver 22mm strap. (by arvac)150_SEby_Arvac.b.4-3.1080p
  2. Vostok Amphibia 710 SE mod with bronze bezel, black 45 aluminum Insert and Sorrento Black Cheapestnatostraps 22mm. (by arvac)710_SEby_Arvac.a.4-3.1080p
  3. Vostok Amphibia 090 mod with orange insert and black leather strap. (by wotsch2)16637431092_5e2d51740e_z
  4. Vostok Amphibia 090 mod with brown ceramic insert and brown leather strap. (by wotsch2)16710797683_306c5fec0a_c (1)
  5. Vostok Amphibia 100 mod with the vintage-look brown leather strap. (by wotsch2)21908848552_6d8140ef98_c
  6. Vostok Amphibia 100 mod with stainless steel bezel, green ceramic insert and vintage brown leather strap. (by wotsch2)22592391308_e4c296f891_c
  7. Vostok Amphibia 420 mod with a plain Boris-bezel and leather strap. (by wotsch2)24086640543_be2a4589d8_c
  8. Vostok Amphibia 710 mod with an AM-Watches bezel and a Meranom new-style bracelet. (by wotsch2)P1040962_zpscuior6zy
  9. Vostok Amphibia 670SE mod with stainless steel bezel, aluminum Insert Dark Orange OSC and Leather 2 Piece Nato Watchgecko 20mm. (by arvac)670_SEby_Arvac.2016.a.4-3
  10. Vostok Amphibia 710662 mod with stainless steel bezel , speedy ceramic insert, golden sec hand and leather strap. (by arvac)Amphibia 710663 mod
  11. Vostok Amphibia 020SE mod with brown leather strap. (by arvac)020_SE.mod.Arvac.2017.a.1080p
  12. Vostok Amphibia 150SE mod with stainless steel brushed bezel and Black&Red ceramic insert. (by arvac)Amphibia 150SE
  13. Vostok Amphibia 090059 (Scuba Dude) mod with stainless steel bezel, sub ceramic insert and Dievas Nato strap. (by arvac)Amphibia 090059
  14. Vostok Amphibia 150349 mod with stainless steel bezel and Sub Ghost white ceramic insert. (by arvac)Amphibia 150349
  15. Vostok Amphibia 100 mod with Black&Red insert and red leather strap.image035
  16. Vostok Amphibia 100640 mod with stainless steel bezel, green insert and green leather strap. (by arvac)image036
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  24. Vostok Amphibia 100 mod with leather Nato strap. (by kraudara)image052
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  31. Vostok Amphibia 110 mod by kraudara.image066
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  36. Vostok Amphibia 110 mod with stainless steel bezel, Black&Blue insert and Nato strap. (by kraudara)image076
  37. Vostok amphibian mod by kraudara.image078
  38. Vostok Amphibia 710 mod with black bezel and olive-green leather strap. (by vostokamphibia.com)image080
  39. Vostok Amphibia 710 mod with red&blue bezel and Nato strap. (by vostokamphibia.com)image082
  40. Vostol Amphibia 090 mod by vostokamphibia.comimage084
  41. Vostok Amphibia mod with black Atlas bezel and brown Nato strap. (by Sebastianauru)image086
  42. Vostok amphibia mod with matt case and bracelet. (by Sebastianauru)image088
  43. Vostok Amphibia mod with jeans strap. (by kraudara)image090
  44. Vostok Amphibia 100SE mod with orange bezel and Nato strap. (by MrOllium)image092
  45. Vostok Amphibia mod with black dial, bezel and strap. (by wrenchdevil)image094
  46. Vostok Amphibia mod with two-color bezel.image096
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  49. Vostok Amphibia mod by Bob van Baack.image102
  50. Vostok Amphibia mod with black bezel and brown leather strap.image104
  51. Vostok Amphibia mod by Sebastianauru.image106
  52. Vostok Amphibia mod with green bezel and Nato strap.image108
  53. Vostok Amphibia mod with matt case and blue bezel. (by MrOllium)image110
  1. Vostok Amphibia mod by Don Promillo.image112
  2. Vostok Amphibia mod with Nato strap. (by Tatim)image114
  3. Vostok Amphibia mod with Black&Red bezel and strap. (by NeoMonster)image116
  4. Vostok Amphibia 110 mod with matt case and bracelet. (by Raoul_Duke)image118
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  6. Vostok Amphibia 150SE with 24H insert. (by kraudara)image122
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  9. Vostok Amphibia mod with matt case, Kommandirskie hands and neutral bezel. (by uhrto)image128
  10. Vostok Amphibia 420 mod with 090916 dial and Boris bezel. (by lufu)image130
  11. Vostok Amphibia mod with PO-insert and Nato strap. (by Sebastianauru)image132
  12. Vostok Amphibia mod with PO-insert and leather strap. (by Sebastianauru)image134
  13. Vostok Amphibia 150SE mod by me-leech.image136
  14. Vostok Amphibia mod with matt case and strap. (by kraudara)image138
  15. Vostok Amphibia 150SE mod with leather strap. (by Tatim)image140
  16. Vostok Amphibia 100 black mod by wotsch.image142
  17. Vostok Amphibia 710 mod with pers184 bezel and Komandirskie hands. (by wotsch)image144
  18. Vostok Radio Room Amphibia mod with matt case. (by ticktack66)image146
  19. Vostok Amphibia 150SE mod with ceramic insert and leather strap. (by Tatim)image148
  20. Vostok Amphibia mod with rubber strap. (by Sebastianauru)image150
  21. Vostok Amphibia mod by Raoul_Duke.image152
  22. Vostok Amphibia 710 mod with matt case and bracelet. (by Spezi Matik)image154
  23. Vostok Amphoboa 090 mod with light-beige leather strap and Seiko-style insert. (by Osborne)image156
  24. Vostok Amphibia 090 mod with blue insert and leather strap. (by kraudara)image158
  25. Vostok Amphibia 2414 mod with PVD Nato strap. (by Sebastianauru)image160
  26. Vostok Amphibia 710 mod with black and silver insert and grey strap. (by jayjay74)image162
  27. Vostok Amphibia mod with Boris bezel and leather strap. (by watchoholik)image164
  28. Vostok Amphibia Radio Room mod by ticktack66.image166
  29. Vostok Amphibia mod with bronze bezel and brown leather strap. (by HorstSt)image168
  30. Vostok Amphibia mod with stainless steel bezel, green ceramic insert and stainless steel bracelet. (by massi64)image170
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  34. Vostok Amphibia mod with Yobokies insert and Nato strap. (by kraudara)image178
  35. Vostok Amphibia 100SE mod with black and red insert and Nato strap. (by UsAs)image180
  36. Vostok Amphibia mod with bronze insert and light beige Nato strap. (by UsAs)image182
  37. Vostok Amphibia 110 mod with stainless steel shark teeth bezel, olive insert and strap. (by Insomnia-)image184
  38. Vostok Amphibia mod with black Seiko insert and rubber strap. (by watchoholik)image186
  39. Vostok Amphibia mod with orange Dagaz insert and Sportiva strap. (by tiktak66)image188
  40. Vostok Amphibia with blue jeans strap. (by kraudara)image190
  41. Vostok Amphibia 090 mod by vintwatch.image192
  42. Vostok Amphibia mod with blue, white and red colors. (by Raoul_Duke)image194
  43. Vostok Amphibia 090 Black&Grey mod. (by Skyjack)image196
  44. Vostok Amphibia 100SE “Purple blues” mod with alligator strap.image198






Use and service of Vostok

  1. As well as any mechanical watch, Vostok demand rather careful relation to themselve. It is undesirable to throw them, to drop, shake, overheat or overcool, to subject to influence of powerful electromagnetic fields.

Though Amphibia are reliable watches and you can hear many stories about their survival in extreme conditions, it isn’t recommended to do if you don’t want to damage your watch.

  1. Always reliably twist a carving clockwork head after installation of time. Hit of moisture in the mechanism — perhaps the worst of troubles which can occur with hours.

Of course there are cases of a production defect when hours aren’t tight initially, but much more frequent reason of “fogging” or drops on glass — not twirled rather well clockwork head. Not incidentally all “Amphibians”, as well as the majority of diving hours are equipped with the automatical winding that need for untwisting of a clockwork head was as seldom as possible.

  1. In ideal conditions everything that is required for your watch is a preventive maintenance in a watch repair shop one time in 3-4 years. During this procedure watch will be completely dismantled: details will be washed out, repaired or replaced if necessary, then gather with new lubricant and the pressurizing laying.

But in the real world it isn’t excluded that Amphibia suddenly will cease “to work like clock-work” — will begin to lag behind more than on 20 or to hurry more than for 60 seconds a day, date will cease to be put, watch will cease to be wound or go at all. In this case you besides should address the watchmaker — in a warranty workshop or any watchmaker who has experience with the Russian watches and spare parts for them. Anyway don’t forget to receive the document on the carried-out works with date and a name of the master.



What Vostok Amphibia model to choose?

Number of model

All Amphibia models have number of a look 123456. The first 3 figures designate the case (and besel), the second 3 figures — design of the dial.

Before bezels on all cases were identical, but since 2013 all types of cases have own besel design.


Types of cases and their comparative sizes are presented on the picture:


Main distinctions

Different Amphibia models except of design have in fact 2 main differences:

-the index of date on the dial

– Strap (bracelet) width 18 or 22 millimeters.

Both of these parameters depend on the model case.

the index of date is absent in models with 090 case and is present in the 710 and 420 cases.

Strap width on cases 900 and 710 is 22, on the 420 case — 18 mm.


It isn’t possible to present all types of dials. The added complication is that Amphibia also sometimes have dials from Komandirskie.

Two most popular and recognizable types of the dial with date is the well-known “Scuba Dude”.

Black “dude” is the opaque black dial with the printed drawing, hour tags are noted by phosphor points.

Blue “dude” is the poured dial of a metallic color with volume hour tags. Color can change depending on a series — from “cornflower-blue” to “turquoise”.

Watches in the 090 case (a so-called “new barrel”) have own design of the dial without date in style of a special series 1967.

Other differences

The mass of hours also depends on the case. So the 090th case (barrel) is the most massive and heavy, and the 420th — the most compact.

With each type of the case there is the type of a bracelet that it isn’t so important as all bracelets demand replacement because of the superlow cost.

Chistopol Watch Factory

History of Chistopol Watch Factory

Chistopol Watch Factory “Vostok” is situated in Chistopol, Russia. It is a town-forming enterprise.

Today the factory changed its business line pulse counters, electricity, gas, water meters and other devices for different economic sectors.
Chistopol Watch FactoryThe history of the factory begins in 1941. In November Chistopol saw  the first freighters with equipment and 500 workers evacuated from Moscow Second Watch Factory. In spring 1942 CWF started mass production of timepieces for military purposes, and by July 1 the factory was running at full capacity. The company was founded as production facility working for the army. But since February 1943 by order of the People’s Commissariat for Mortar Weapons the factory began to produce peaceful products. For example, the first watch for men “Kirovskie”.

After the war the factory started production of mechanical watches which became its main products. In 1949 the factory started serial production of men’s watches K-26 “Pobeda”, wall marine clocks with a luminous dial, clocks for the cars “ZiM”, “Volga”, “Pobeda”, wall and street industrial clocks. In July 1950 the factory started to erect its own production buildings.

In 1952 the factory began production of “Kama” watches with shockproof device and leakproof body. At the same time the factory manufactured timepieces for various industries.

In 1952 at the international exhibition in Milan Chistopol watch gained wide recognition and popularity.

In 1957 there was a new production line started: K-28, “Vostok”, “Mir”, “Volna”, “Saturn” and “Kosmos” watches with side and central second hands, lens and shockproof device.

Komandirskie watchIn 1962, at Leipzig International Exhibition “Vostok” watch was awarded a large gold medal.

Since 1965 CWP became the official watch supplier for the Ministry of Defence. That time saw the first famous “Komandirskie” watch characterized by high durability and waterproof body. In 1967 experience gained in the development of this watch allowed to release “Amphibia” watches having increased water resistance up to 200 meters.

Since 1969 all watches produced by the factory had the same brand name “Vostok” and the company was named Chistopol Watch Factory “Vostok”.

Success at the professional watch market determined the development plan for the coming years. Mechanical watches accurate at any temperature, in any environment, under any pressure.

In 1972 the factory started producing men’s watches of the new 24 caliber with a numerical calendar, double calendar, automatic winding. The watches are exported to 54 countries around the world.Desert Shield

In 1976 cosmonaut Georgy Grechko visited the factory and thanked the watchmakers for high quality products and presented them “Vostok” watch which travelled to space.


In the 1990s CWF continued watch production by expanding the range of products. Large lots are exported to Italy, USA, Switzerland. “Desert Shield” Vostok watch became the most popular one in the USA.

In 2000 the factory started production of mechanical alarm clock with seven-day winding. It is the only one of the kind in Russia and the whole world.

In 2001 CWF was awarded “Russian National Olympus” in the category “Technology: Science”.

In the early 2000s the factory developed new watchworks for wristwatches. They were provide with the day and night indicator as well as a lunar calendar.

This factory is one of the two Russian watch factories (together with Petrodvorets Watch Factory “Rocket”) having a full production cycle.

The factory is also one of the largest ones in Russia producing a large range of pressure gauges, tachometers, tachographs, pulse counters, electricity, gas, water meters and other devices for various economic sectors.

In September 2010 the factory was declared bankrupt, but production is still on in several subsidiaries.

Take Care of your Watch

Your Watch Needs Care

If you want to enjoy your watch, you should follow these simple rules:

  1. Like every mechanism mechanical watches require regular survey, cleaning, lubricating and adjusting watchwork accuracy. It is desirable to do it every three or four years in an official service center specified in the list attached to the watch certificate. This is an important condition, because even the tiniest speck of dust that gets into the watch may influence its accuracy due to increased friction. Don’t wind up your watch while wearing it. Doing this you eliminate uneven pressure on the crown, which is one of the most vulnerable watch components. Watches with manual winding must be wound at the same time by turning the crown clockwise until it stops. If you wear a watch with automatic winding every day, wind it once a week (20-30 rotations of the crown clockwise). It is preferable not to go in for extreme sports or use pneumatic tools wearing mechanical watch. The recoil strength affects the operating life and accuracy of the watch. No matter how perfect a shock-proof mechanism is, there is always a chance of excessive load that the details can’t sustain.


  1. Quartz watches don’t require the same thorough care, but they also need to be surveyed, cleaned and lubricated every four or five years in official service centers specified in the list attached to the watch certificate. In order to replace the batteries in the quartz watch, contact an authorized dealer before the battery expires. Empty batteries can leak and begin to corrode and ruin the watch. Do not try to change the battery yourself. If your watch is water-resistant, after replacing the battery, the watch should undergo a water-resistance test, and you must be sure that moisture won’t get inside.


In order not to spoil the calendar, it is better not to change the date between 10 pm and 2 am. At this time all the gears are moving to change the date automatically. It is better to take away an hour hand to the lower section of the dial (for example, to six).


You shouldn’t keep your watch in the same box with jewelry, especially with precious stones, or in places where they will be subjected to minimal friction. The best option may be an original box. Such boxes are upholstered with special soft material and are made exactly for your watch.


Replace broken or cracked glass immediately as even a smallest crack allows dust particles to get into the watch, and it will affect its accuracy. Do not keep your watch in a cold place. Otherwise lubricants can get thick, the gears stop, axel journals may be damaged. Do not leave your watch on stone tables, for example, from marble, as temperature changes which are typical for marble can cause damage of some parts, especially springs and spirals of an old watch which were made of stainless steel. It is recommended to take off your watch before going to bed. In bed you can make uncontrolled movements which may damage the watch. Besides, in bed our body produces sweat, it accumulates on the watch and can damage the body and gaskets which provide tightness. If your watch is water-resistant, you can wipe it with a weak solution of mild soap or detergent from time to time, and then wipe it dry. If your watch has a leather wristlet, then you should wipe only the watch body. If your watch is not water-resistant or you are not sure about this, wipe it with a slightly wet cloth, then wipe dry. If you regularly do physical exercises and lead an active way of life, you should choose the watch with a metal wristlet, instead of natural leather. Sweat being produced during sports activities will gradually destroy the natural leather wristlet.


Do not wear your watch in saunas and hot shower. Excessive heat and moisture can damage the body and gaskets.

Salt water does harm to most watches. Therefore, after swimming in the sea even waterproof watches should be washed with soap solution in warm running water to prevent corrosion and early gasket wear. In contact with water the crown and all the buttons should be screwed in.

After 2-3 years your watch can lose tightness due to gasket wear. Therefore, in two or three years you should check tightness and if necessary replace gaskets. Do not leave your watch near speakers or other magnetic fields. Most watches don’t have magnetic protection, and if the watch details are magnetized, it can become slow or fast.

Watch Repair

Repair of the Automatic Watch “Vostok 2416 b”

Chistopol Watch Factory was founded in 1941 in Chistopol, Russia. The equipment arrived from the evacuated Moscow Second Watch Factory. In the spring of 1942 the factory started producing military equipment. The enterprise worked for the army and it was a secret place. In 1943 Chistopol Watch Factory began manufacturing peaceful production, the first product was “Kirovskie” watch for men. In the postwar years the factory began developing, manufacturing and producing new models of the watches “ZiM”, “Volga”, “Pobeda”, “Vostok”, “Mir”, “Volna”, “Saturn”, “Kosmos”, marine clock etc. Later the factory became the main supplier of the USSR Ministry of Defense, at that time the factory produced “Komandirskie” and “Amphibia” watches with water resistance up to 200 meters. Since 1970s the factory began to produce watches of 24hh caliber with a calendar and automatic winding. Today the plant is bankrupt and the watches are produced by subsidiaries.


The watch was brought with the following defect: “something is clanging inside and it doesn’t go”


We take the watch out of the body and see

DSC06635-300x200the balls of the automatic winding ball bearing section, two more balls are inside.

DSC06637-300x200Take the automatic winding mechanism to pieces, take out the barrel with the spring.

DSC06638-300x200Take away the balance and pallet fork.

DSC06639-300x200The watch is taken to pieces and ready for cleaning. To be clean is a symbol of health, especially for watches.

DSC06640-300x200Old automatic winding section (with a broken bearing) and the new one.

DSC06641-300x200The details are clean, and the watch can be assembled.

DSC06644-300x200Put the barrel and lubricate the spring.

DSC06645-300x200While checking the details I noticed that an idler wheel is bent.

Insert the wheel in the special device and fix it.

DSC06648-300x200After the adjustment assemble the wheel system and check the pair of wheels.

DSC06649-300x200Set the barrel, cam and winding clutch and winding stem.


Cover with the barrel link and fasten.

DSC06651-300x200Lubricate and set the pallet fork and check its operation.

DSC06652-300x200Set the balance.

DSC06653-300x200Set the balance bearings and shockproof device at the same time and fasten with three-leaf springs.

DSC06654-300x200And check everything out.

DSC06655-300x200After the setting the watch is perfect!

DSC06656-300x200Mount the automatic winding wheel

DSC06657-300x200And cover with the automatic winding link, and fasten.

DSC06659-300x200Turn the watch over and assemble the calendar.

DSC06660-300x200The calendar is ready.

DSC06662-300x200Set the dial and hands.

DSC06664-300x200Set the mechanism in the frame and fasten the new automatic winding section.

DSC06665-300x200And the watch is ready. It will make the owner happy again.

Thanks for attention!