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Use and service of Vostok

  1. As well as any mechanical watch, Vostok demand rather careful relation to themselve. It is undesirable to throw them, to drop, shake, overheat or overcool, to subject to influence of powerful electromagnetic fields.

Though Amphibia are reliable watches and you can hear many stories about their survival in extreme conditions, it isn’t recommended to do if you don’t want to damage your watch.

  1. Always reliably twist a carving clockwork head after installation of time. Hit of moisture in the mechanism — perhaps the worst of troubles which can occur with hours.

Of course there are cases of a production defect when hours aren’t tight initially, but much more frequent reason of “fogging” or drops on glass — not twirled rather well clockwork head. Not incidentally all “Amphibians”, as well as the majority of diving hours are equipped with the automatical winding that need for untwisting of a clockwork head was as seldom as possible.

  1. In ideal conditions everything that is required for your watch is a preventive maintenance in a watch repair shop one time in 3-4 years. During this procedure watch will be completely dismantled: details will be washed out, repaired or replaced if necessary, then gather with new lubricant and the pressurizing laying.

But in the real world it isn’t excluded that Amphibia suddenly will cease “to work like clock-work” — will begin to lag behind more than on 20 or to hurry more than for 60 seconds a day, date will cease to be put, watch will cease to be wound or go at all. In this case you besides should address the watchmaker — in a warranty workshop or any watchmaker who has experience with the Russian watches and spare parts for them. Anyway don’t forget to receive the document on the carried-out works with date and a name of the master.