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What Vostok Amphibia model to choose?

Number of model

All Amphibia models have number of a look 123456. The first 3 figures designate the case (and besel), the second 3 figures — design of the dial.

Before bezels on all cases were identical, but since 2013 all types of cases have own besel design.


Types of cases and their comparative sizes are presented on the picture:


Main distinctions

Different Amphibia models except of design have in fact 2 main differences:

-the index of date on the dial

– Strap (bracelet) width 18 or 22 millimeters.

Both of these parameters depend on the model case.

the index of date is absent in models with 090 case and is present in the 710 and 420 cases.

Strap width on cases 900 and 710 is 22, on the 420 case — 18 mm.


It isn’t possible to present all types of dials. The added complication is that Amphibia also sometimes have dials from Komandirskie.

Two most popular and recognizable types of the dial with date is the well-known “Scuba Dude”.

Black “dude” is the opaque black dial with the printed drawing, hour tags are noted by phosphor points.

Blue “dude” is the poured dial of a metallic color with volume hour tags. Color can change depending on a series — from “cornflower-blue” to “turquoise”.

Watches in the 090 case (a so-called “new barrel”) have own design of the dial without date in style of a special series 1967.

Other differences

The mass of hours also depends on the case. So the 090th case (barrel) is the most massive and heavy, and the 420th — the most compact.

With each type of the case there is the type of a bracelet that it isn’t so important as all bracelets demand replacement because of the superlow cost.