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Watch Repair

Repair of the Automatic Watch “Vostok 2416 b”

Chistopol Watch Factory was founded in 1941 in Chistopol, Russia. The equipment arrived from the evacuated Moscow Second Watch Factory. In the spring of 1942 the factory started producing military equipment. The enterprise worked for the army and it was a secret place. In 1943 Chistopol Watch Factory began manufacturing peaceful production, the first product was “Kirovskie” watch for men. In the postwar years the factory began developing, manufacturing and producing new models of the watches “ZiM”, “Volga”, “Pobeda”, “Vostok”, “Mir”, “Volna”, “Saturn”, “Kosmos”, marine clock etc. Later the factory became the main supplier of the USSR Ministry of Defense, at that time the factory produced “Komandirskie” and “Amphibia” watches with water resistance up to 200 meters. Since 1970s the factory began to produce watches of 24hh caliber with a calendar and automatic winding. Today the plant is bankrupt and the watches are produced by subsidiaries.


The watch was brought with the following defect: “something is clanging inside and it doesn’t go”


We take the watch out of the body and see

DSC06635-300x200the balls of the automatic winding ball bearing section, two more balls are inside.

DSC06637-300x200Take the automatic winding mechanism to pieces, take out the barrel with the spring.

DSC06638-300x200Take away the balance and pallet fork.

DSC06639-300x200The watch is taken to pieces and ready for cleaning. To be clean is a symbol of health, especially for watches.

DSC06640-300x200Old automatic winding section (with a broken bearing) and the new one.

DSC06641-300x200The details are clean, and the watch can be assembled.

DSC06644-300x200Put the barrel and lubricate the spring.

DSC06645-300x200While checking the details I noticed that an idler wheel is bent.

Insert the wheel in the special device and fix it.

DSC06648-300x200After the adjustment assemble the wheel system and check the pair of wheels.

DSC06649-300x200Set the barrel, cam and winding clutch and winding stem.


Cover with the barrel link and fasten.

DSC06651-300x200Lubricate and set the pallet fork and check its operation.

DSC06652-300x200Set the balance.

DSC06653-300x200Set the balance bearings and shockproof device at the same time and fasten with three-leaf springs.

DSC06654-300x200And check everything out.

DSC06655-300x200After the setting the watch is perfect!

DSC06656-300x200Mount the automatic winding wheel

DSC06657-300x200And cover with the automatic winding link, and fasten.

DSC06659-300x200Turn the watch over and assemble the calendar.

DSC06660-300x200The calendar is ready.

DSC06662-300x200Set the dial and hands.

DSC06664-300x200Set the mechanism in the frame and fasten the new automatic winding section.

DSC06665-300x200And the watch is ready. It will make the owner happy again.

Thanks for attention!