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We discredit myths: is it possible to give watch?

Some people still share strange belief  that watch can’t be given. Let’s try to understand sources of this belief, why this fine and useful accessory has deserved bad glory as a gift?mini-chasyi-v-podarok

Myth: to grant watch is to separation.

Version of the same myth: it is impossible to grant sharp objects, and watch has sharp hands!

Truth: some heard that to present watch to the beloved or friend means to predict parting. People inclined to superstitions will tell you that sharp objects can “cut” the relations. Well, any opinion takes place to be, and still we insist that the similar statement is absolutely groundless, at least because already millions of times it was confuted in real life.

However perhaps there is an element of truth in this superstition: having presented the Chinese hand-made article of the known brand which will be scattered in a week, you will precisely force your friend or darling to doubt sincerity of your feelings. The stylish exclusive model with the exact course made of qualitative materials, on the contrary, will only strengthen mutual good feelings.02

The myth (from China): to present hours means “to invite to a funeral”.

Truth: it seems, in the 21st century “black tags”, signs of mafia and frightening symbols had to remain only at cinema.

Perhaps, today, in the world where to visit the website telling the fortunes it is considered no more than a joke about which you forget in one and a half minutes, places for such superstitions already didn’t remain. If all of you still are subject to them, think that the concepts “time” and “eternity” are inseparably linked, and in good sense. Distract reading the good popular scientific book about nonlinearity of time or viewing of series “The Client Is Always Dead”. The healthy humor considerably prolongs our life so we will transfer a silly belief to the joke plane. Rather experiences about what  it isn’t necessary to think of are capable to reduce life.chasy-v-podarok-muzhchine

Myth: having received watch as a gift you acquire with them pain, emptiness and misfortune.

Truth: the phrase written above should be said for Halloween, beforehand having dressed up the vampire or the zombie.

Pain and emptiness can overtake people, subject excessive suspiciousness and to groundless fears. But it already should be discussed with the expert in medical subject. And watch as a gift can bring only satisfaction, joy from use of the functional gadget and pleasure from carrying a stylish and elegant accessory.

And of course if it came about pain: selecting a gift, it is worth remembering the person to whom he intends and to be guided by his tastes and needs, but not the ideas of fine, because they can vary. The gift shall please the receiver. And if you know the person, it rather will be able to introduce happiness, joy and other good things in his life.darit_chasy_plohaya_primeta

Myth: watch can’t be given and received as a present, it is necessary to pay for them at least the symbolical sum having given in exchange, say, a coin.

True: barter harmed nobody yet so why not to “pay” for a gift.

So, this myth is quite harmless, though senseless. Time can’t be bought or sold though many characters of works of art tried to manipulate it anyway. And if from philosophy and metaphysics to pass to real facts, then the watch is first of all a beautiful accessory and the functional device, it can be given as well as any other thing ever made by the person. Even moreover: it is necessary to give hours! All of them still remain not banal and status gift, and the huge choice allows to pick up easily suitable model for every taste and a life case today.