Make sateen by yourself

Make sateen by yourself

Often owners of watches with polished case think of making it opaque. The opaque invoice (sateen) — masks the small scratches appearing by using of watches. Repeated hot-pressing (matting) can be made any number of times, again and again giving things a type of new.

In the same way you can make bracelet sateen, that is even more urgent. You need a sponge for ware cleaning, but not simple cheap, they are on sale by the piece without cellophane.

It’s bilateral, rigid side is much more tough than at cheap sponges and something brilliant can be noticeable in it’s impregnations. Such sponge leaves the smallest scratches even on the tempered metal.

All you need to do is to cover all surface with such “scratches”.

There is an important nuance — the movements should be done on the verified trajectory (from top to down, from left to right, by roundabouts). Since if to rub chaotically, scratches will lay down not in one direction but anyhow and sateen will turn out ugly. If by a firm hand patiently slowly make the correct movements sateen will be faultless as factory.


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