How to look after the mechanical watches (part one)

How to look after the mechanical watches (part one)

Despite of a huge number of equipment and devices with the built-in electronic time indexes, the mechanical watches continue to play an important role in everyday life of people. Except the direct appointment, they emphasize the social status of the person in society. Unlike products of last years, the majority of modern watches represent expensive, difficult and thin mechanism demanding careful attitude, special storage and operation conditions.

First of all, it is necessary to follow the rules of a saving and caring obligatory for all types of watches, irrespective of their design:

-Storage of watch shall be performed separately from other objects of private use, desirable in the same packaging in which they were sold.

-It’s recommended to remove watch for the night as they can be damaged because of the uncontrollable actions made in a dream.

-Handling of the waterproof watch is made by means of soap solution then they are wiped dry.

-If the crack was formed on glass or it has completely broken, you need to make an obligatory replacement. It is connected with a real possibility of motes hit in the clockwork, what finally will break his exact course.

-Before adoption of various water procedures, watches are recommended to be removed. Especially it concerns visits to a bath or shower, as strong heat and high humidity can lead to serious damages of watch.

-Athletes aren’t recommended to use leather hour bracelets which quickly spoil under the influence of sweat. Metal or rubber bracelets will be the most optimal variants.

Among all variety of watches, mechanical designs are considered the strongest. Nevertheless, they demand the accurate using and observance of certain rules in use too. Conditions of their storage also have significant effect on service life of the mechanical watch. First of all, the mechanism has to work constantly, otherwise there will be a stagnation and additional adjustment will be required. Especially, it concerns watches with automatic subplant. For their storage are used special caskets where is provided continuous rotation and respectively the constant plant of watches.

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